The core objective is to ensure that property adds value to business and is not seen a purely a wasted overhead.

Buildings come in many different shapes, sizes and designs and invariably operate differently. However, even two similar looking buildings can have very different effects on end users, if they are not set out or managed in the right way or simply in the wrong location.

Identifying the precise amount space in the correct locations when you need it and at the best cost can be challenging. Our aim is to help our clients develop and implement efficient and effective real estate solutions that have not only delivered significant cost savings but also improved real estate performance, end user satisfaction.

Our approach typically includes:

  • Identifying opportunities for real estate cost reduction
  • Developing and implementing strategic real estate plans
  • Supporting business change
  • Supplier selection process
  • Organisation impact assessment
  • Benchmarking and best practice

Financial Impacts

Invariably, Corporations and CFO’s in particular think money when it comes to Real Estate. This is not a surprise as property costs are often the 2nd or 3rd largest expense item on a Corporations P&L. Our independent and unbiased approach together with significant client side experience means we are able to deliver major property cost savings to many of our clients whilst, at the same time, improving real estate portfolio, supply chain performance and employee satisfaction.

Workplace and Approach

The objective should be to provide your employees with workplace environment that supports them in undertaking their work and the business strategy and vision.

The concept of the workplace has developed considerably; however it is important for Corporates to take their time when considering a workplace change. Different organisations have different needs and hence important to find the solution that is right for all concerned.

It is broadly accepted that it is common for 40% of corporate office space is not being used at any one time and this leads to a desire to explore flexible working to maximise the productivity of the workforce. However these need to be tested in any company in order to assess suitability.

Our approach covers:

  • Initial assessment on the Clients property portfolio
  • Time Utilisation Studies (where applicable)
  • Workplace Interviews
  • Space planning and modelling, including new workplace concepts
  • Change management and Communications Plans
  • User Workshops and protocol guides
  • Post Occupancy Evaluations